Healthcare Careers That Are Rapidly Growing

If you’re interested in pursing healthcare career, the jobs a plentiful. Apart from doctors and specialists, there are other unconventional jobs in this industry also. With the advancement in health industry, the popularity of CNAs, ultrasound technician and medical biller and coder is increasing day by day.


To become a CNA, a person needs to be compassionate, patient and loving by nature. He should also have good observation skills. CNAs can seek employment in many private or state hospitals, Healthcare companies or in residential and nursing care facilities. The average salary of a CNA goes from $25000- $34000 per year.

Primary responsibilities

  • Taking vital signs of the patient.
  • Applying support materials and bandages under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Transferring the patient from wheelchair to bed and vice versa.
  • Listening to the problems of a patient and reporting it to supervising nurse.

If you want to become a CNA, you have to get enrolled in a Certificate Program of Nursing Assistant. This enrollment is available in many colleges, Red Cross offices and hospitals. This course is divided into 2 parts. A student is given an elaborate training on patient care in the first part where he learns about his responsibilities and duties. Second part is the practical training, where you practice your skills and acquired knowledge in real conditions.


Ultrasound technologist uses sound waves for diagnosing different health problems. Imaging equipment used in ultrasounds emits sound waves which are used in evaluating many medical conditions. One of the most important uses of this technique is in understanding and evaluating the growth of foetus. Ultrasound technicians need to have good communication skills and strong social and interactive skills. Their salary varies from $ 35000- $84000 per annum, according to their experience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operating ultrasound equipment and capturing images.
  • Captured images analysis.
  • Summarizing the inferences and forwarding it to the physician.
  • Explaining the process to the patient and helping them to prepare for the ultrasound
  • Patient’s records maintenance for any future reference.

Basic requirement for ultrasound technician is a certified course in sonography. There is a training of one year for students with medical background and of 2 years for students of any other trade.


After getting done a medical treatment what makes you sicker is the formulation of claims. Medical billing and coding specialist connects patient care and cure to reimbursement. Once you have received any kind of treatment, from major surgery to regular check up, the medical biller itemizes the services rendered by you and formulates a claim. This claim is then passed to your insurance provider. To become a medical coder or biller, you have to undergo a certificate program in this field.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Formulating of claims
  • Submitting the claims to the insurance companies.
  • Identifying and resolving patients complains
  • Evaluating financial status of the patient and establishing low payment plans.